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Looking for cigars in California? Use Royal Cigars to find CA cigar bars, stores and more...

Royal Cigars is the best choice in California for finding cigars, cigar bars, lounges, stores and more Our goal is to build the most comprehensive cigar directory of cigar bars, stores, shops and lounges in the USA, including California. As you can imagine, this is a massive undertaking, so it's taking us a while to complete the project. We encourage you to help by reviewing the current cigar listings or by submitting your own listings of places that we've missed.

Cigar Bars in California

California Cigar bars are great if you like to enjoy cigars in the company of other like-minded cigar smokers. As part of our goal, we plan to compile the best list of cigar bars in California. Why not help out fellow CA cigar smokers by reviewing the bars that you've already visited so they know what to expect when they go there for a smoke! If you're lucky enough to have visited a cigar bar that's not listed on Royal Cigars, then why not submit it to our directory so that other cigar smokers can visit the place (or not, if that's your recommendation!)

Tobacco / Cigar Stores in California (Cigar Shops)

If you like good cigars, then it's very important to find a very good cigar store. A good cigar store will have the best selection of cigar brands from all of the different cigar manufacturers, and they will be able to help you select something that best suits your taste in cigars. Royal Cigars will help you find California's best cigar stores.

As with cigar bars, please rank/review currently listed cigar stores and submit stores that we're missing.

California Cigar Accessories (Humidors, Cutters, Lighters, etc.)

A true lover of cigars will always have their own cigar accessories like a humidor, lighter and cutter. Cigar humidors are small boxes that store cigars, keeping them at the right humidity level so that the tobacco doesn't dry out, which can spoil a cigar. A good cigar cutter is also needed to cut an opening on the end that goes into your mouth. A poor cigar cutter can wreck the cigar by making the tobacco leaf unravel. Mind you - there is some skill required too - and even a great cigar cutter tool that is used incorrectly will wreck a cigar.

As with cigar bars and stores, we want to be your one-stop-shop for cigar humidors, cutters, lighters and other cigar accessories in California.

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